Stopwatch Rule by ICC

 ICC has introduced the “StopWatch Rule” to speed up ODI and T20i cricket. According to this rule bowler of each team should be ready to bowl next over within 60 seconds of previous over bowled, in case delay happens third time in an innings then 5 run plenty will be charged from the bowling side.

This rule has been introduced by ICC on Trial basis in men’s T20is and ODI from December 2023 to April 2024. This rule first will be implemented in a 3-match series between England vs West Indies starting from 3rd December 2023.

Stop clock rule is not new to world sports as in Tennis there is a rule “shot clock” where a player gets 25 seconds to get set for the next serve between the points.


1- ICC already have implemented a rule in which a bowling side on slow over rate will place one extra fielder inside the 30 yard circle in the last 5 overs of the innings. If this rule remains live in presence of a new rule of “stopwatch” then it will be a bit harsh on bowlers who would definitely be affected by these rules.

2- Media Advertising time will largely be affected by this new rule as they will have lesser time to play their ads in between the overs which could also impact Revenue generation for all cricketing bodies involved.

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