ICC T20 world cup 2024 Anthem

The Men’s T20 World Cup is off to an exciting start thanks to the International Cricket Council (ICC), which has released a mesmerising anthem and musical masterpiece. This song, which has been written by Grammy Award-winning composer Lorne Balfe, represents the spirit of cricket in all of its forms and represents a pivotal point in the history of the ICC.


As he is acclaimed for his exceptional work in television and film, such as Black Widow and Mission: Impossible, has created a sound signature that perfectly captures the exuberant nature of cricket. The anthem, which combines symphonic music, sounds of cricket equipment, and in-game ambience, promises to captivate cricket fans all over the world.

This T20 world cup 2024 anthem is recorded at London’s esteemed Abbey Road Recording Studios, the song reflects the excitement, victory, and festivity that characterise cricket’s colourful history.

This song will make its premiere on June 1, 2024, during the opening game of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Dallas, Texas, which will feature a thrilling encounter between the USA and Canada. 

Balfe described the anthem as an homage to the game’s eternal spirit and stated his excitement for spearheading this legendary effort. On June 1, the tournament’s co-hosts, the USA, will play their neighbours, Canada. On June 2, the West Indies, who are also hosting, will play Papua New Guinea in Guyana.

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