T20 World Cup 2024 Sponsors

Cricket which is also known as the “Gentleman game” has always brought joy and happiness to its fans all around the globe. The shorter version of this beautiful game is T20 cricket which is full of excitement and suspense. Sponsorship has always been a key aspect for ICC in order to manage their financial matters and to assert their marketing campaigns. 


Sponsorship for the companies presents an opportunity for them to reach the global audiences by associating themselves with a world famous brand like ICC. Below is the list of brands which have collaborated with ICC for this ninth edition T20 world cup 2024.


T20 World Cup 2024 Premium Partners:




The Emirates is a world famous UAE based airline company which is under ownership of Dubai Investment group. Emirates associated itself with ICC back in 2002. Later Emirates strengthened its relation with ICC Elite panel of Umpires and Match Referees by highlighting its brand name on umpires’ uniform. Now in 2024 Emirates have become the premium partner of ICC.








Aramco is Saudi Arabia’s chemical company and was first partnered with ICC in October 2022 with a multi-year deal. In May 2024, ICC announced a 4 year deal extension with Aramco. Under this deal Aramco company will remain a Premium partner for ICC covering all ICC Men’s and Women’s tournaments until the end of 2027 which means this Saudi Company Aramco will be a premium sponsor in this ninth edition of T20 world cup 2024 to be played in USA and West Indies.





DP World:


DP World is a multinational logistics company from Dubai, UAE. Core services of this company involved in port logistics, maritime services and port terminal operations. DP World first partnered itself with ICC in 2023 as an official logistics partner. DP World renewed their partnership in May 2024, becoming ICC’s premium partner. This contract will remain in binding till 2027. 




All three Premium Partners in this T20 World Cup are from UAE which shows UAE investing a lot in the game of cricket to help each other grow even bigger to the whole world.

T20 World Cup 2024 Global Partners:




One of the most valuable beverage companies Coca-Cola is famous for its different types of sponsorships all around the world. They introduced themselves in world cricket in 2019 by offering a 5 year deal with ICC. Now the company is the official global partner of ICC in all their tournaments like ICC Mens’ World Cup 2019, ICC Women World Cups, ICC Men’s World Cup 2023. And of course also sponsoring in this t20 world cup too.





IndusInd Bank:


It is an Indian bank based in Mumbai. They signed a deal with ICC before ICC Men’s 50-over World Cup 2023 to sponsor in all major Cricket tournaments all around the World.





T20 World Cup 2024 Official Partners:




International cricket council joined hands with cricket NFT FanCraze in January 2022. They work to capture the most exciting and memorable moments that happen in cricket matches. In May 2024, they extended their sponsorship in multi-year deal covering this T20 world cup 2024 and also launched a game know as “Crictos SuperTeam” 


Near Foundation:


ICC and Near Foundation joined hands in September 2023 for effective use of web 3.0 technology to reach more fans digitally and to increase cricket excitement via different internet channels. First sign of partnership was to reward best performing players with prizes. Near Foundation is an official partner of ICC till the end of 2025.




Social Responsibility: (ICC Cricket for Good)


Game of cricket, being loved by millions from all around the world, is paying back the same love to deserving Children and families especially in parts of the world where they don’t have basic necessities of life like food, water and shelter.


In 2015, ICC signed a deal of Partnership with UNICEF to launch “Cricket for Good” to reshape peoples’ living by providing them with food, shelter, education and better health facilities. Cricket for Good will be the official Social Responsibility sponsor of T20 World Cup 2024.





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